Q: Is this an official product complianced with CFR Part 1630 and 1631?

A: Yes, it is the only official product in the market fully complianced with UL and Title 16 code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 1630 and 1631.


Q: Is this the same product as Lilly Methenamine?

A: In February 2002, Vesta Pharmaceuticals received the full product transfer of Methenamine for Timed Burning tablets from Eli Lilly and Company.


Q: Does the World Trade Organization recognize Vesta Methenamine to be an official product?

A: The Commission proposes to amend the flammability standards for carpets and rugs to remove the reference to Eli Lilly Company Product No. 1588 in Catalog No. 79, 1 December 1969, as the standard ignition source and provide a technical specification defining the ignition source.

The proposed specification for the standard ignition source is a timed burning tablet, consisting of essentially pure methenamine, with a nominal heat of combustion value of 7180 calories/gram, a mass of 160 mg +/- 5 mg, flat, and a nominal diameter of 6mm. An immediate effective date is also recommended.


Q: Can I use this methenamine tablet for safety testing for 16 CFR Part 1630 and 1631?

A: The Consumer Product Safety Commission 6 CFR Parts 1630 and 1631

As the standard ignition source and provide a technical specification defining the ignition source. 71 FR 66145. Pursuant to section 4(d) of the Flammable Fabrics Act, interested persons are hereby given an opportunity for the oral presentation of data, views, or arguments, as well as an opportunity to make written submissions. 15 U.S.C. 1193(d).


Q: Can I be an official distributor in my own country for Vesta Methenamine?

A: Yes, we are looking for exclusive distributors outside of North America.


Q: What kinds of companies use this product?

A: Our product is used by Apple, IBM, Dell and many other electronic, carpet and textile manufacturers. Our product is also being used by reputable overseas manufacturers in order to acquire UL approval.


Q: Where can I find a distributor in North America?

A: Vesta distributes directly to our customers to save time and cost. Please contact us at info@vestapharm.com to learn more.


Q: Is there any other methenamine for timed burning tablet for manufacturers?

A: No, we are the only manufacturer approved by Government Authority and we were granted an exclusive product transfer from Eli Lilly in 2002.